Small group

During the small group training emphasis will be put on endurance, weight control and strengthening the muscles. Functional movements are performed at various ways and at high intensity.

The traning sessions will start with a warm up, followed by a technical part to learn the movements. Especially in the beginning, a lot of attention will be paid tot the posture and technique. After the technical part an intensive workout will follow, often combined with a competitive element so that everyone will be motivated to give their best. We will make use of our own bodyweight, as well as equipment such as kettlebells, barbells, tires, slam balls and more!

With our user friendly app you are able to register for scheduled classes you want to join. Every small group training has a maximum number of eight participants and has the duration of one hour. More information our subscriptions? Visit our pricing page!

Want to get in shape and have fun at the same time? Come and join I’M IN SHAPE!

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